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The best compliment any company can receive is to have a satisfied employee refer a colleague. This is why American Healthcare continues to grow at such a rapid pace. American Healthcare offers referral bonuses, not just as an incentive for our healthcare professionals to spread the word, but to say "thank you" for your hard work.

Of course, we hope a cash incentive will help encourage you as well!

Per Diem Incentive
A one time cash incentive paid after the referred Healthcare Professional works 120 hours:

RN $250
LVN $100




*Bonuses may be split in half for the referring nurse and the referred nurse.
Clinician must be 100% compliant with all credentials/hiring requirements and in good standing.
Please see your AHC representative for further details and requirements.


  • Malpractice Insurance
  • Instant Pay
  • Direct Deposit
  • 24 hour accessibility to an on-call RN
  • An experienced Office Staff

Vaction Pay

Travel Incentive

  • $500 for each referred Registered Nurse
  • $250 for each Surgical Technologist
  • Special Bonuses available for select locations
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